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Exciting News! Realm expands to LA and launches CFO as a Service

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

As some clients already know, Realm Startup Advisory has expanded to Los Angeles in order to serve their clients on the West Coast. We could not be more excited to help Startups and Small Businesses there in addition to our East Coast clients.

Over the last several months, we have been listening to business owners and one theme keeps coming to the forefront - they need to figure out their finances. From revenues to expenses to what their future growth looks like in a very uncertain economic landscape. We have guided them through multiple scenarios and taken a hard look at all aspects of their business in order to figure out a go-forward plan. If you need this type of help, we can discuss whether this makes sense for your business.

We are really excited to help startups and small businesses across the country and in order to do that, we are also launching the Realm CFO Subscription Model (CaaS anyone? CFOaaS?)

Here is what you get:

Financial Model

Historical Revenues, Expenses and Future 3 Year Projections with both a Base and a Bull Scenario

Bookkeeping Services

think monthly closes and reconciliations up to 5 hours per month

Strategic Finance Advice

an outsourced CFO at your disposal up to 5 hours per month

Plus, additional services for whatever comes up, like investor meetings, Pitch Deck help or fundraising.  We can tailor a plan to your needs if you need more resources.

And this is what it costs:

$1000/month or for a limited time, we will offer this Subscription for $10,000/yr.  

There is a 6 month minimum engagement in order to get everything done that any business would need and make sure we provide top level service.

If you or someone you know would like to discuss whether this makes sense for your business, send us an email or visit our website

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