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#FAFTF late edition

I am a bit late on this one but for a good reason - I was at a client offsite today (at Luminary which I highly recommend for any woman looking for a place to work/have business meetings/network). Then I got back to a very full inbox and multiple calls. Not to mention that today kicks off BOTH of my boys' birthday weekend!

It was really great to sit down with Somer Hamrick, founder of Channel Clinical Solutions, and her all star team of powerful women. Somer was in NYC from North Carolina in order to have everyone meet each other, discuss strategy and figure out how to attack the problems of getting a drug approved by the FDA for small and mid-cap biotech companies.

This post is not about the great session that we had, the ideas that were generated, debated and honed. It is about appreciation and gratitude. After a long day, Somer gave each of us a hand-written card and a gift. Mine is pictured below:

Now, why do I bring this up? Because in my whole career on Wall Street, I never received the sincere gratitude and a token of appreciation after a meeting like I did today! Yes, I had clients that expressed satisfaction, gave me a bottle of nice wine or Champagne but never the genuine thanks that I get almost daily. It's just different working with startups and small businesses - refreshing, exhilarating and satisfying in a way that I cannot describe. Every day is totally different and I love that about my work.

So I wanted to thank Somer (and the stealth Dream Team that you have assembled) for a truly great Friday! I can't wait to see what 2020 holds for Channel Clinical Solutions!

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