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Fridays are for the Founders

Wow, what a long week! It has been particularly exciting, exhausting, frantic, and rewarding. And best of all, it's Friday.

I wanted to highlight some of the successes that Realm Startup Advisory CFO clients have had, and thought it would be nice to do it on a Friday. A nice vignette to end the week and I hope to do this on a weekly or regular basis. So here we go with the first edition of "Fridays are for the Founders" or #FAFTF

This week's startup is Sportsbooks Global, a social platform for sports betting. I met them through an amazing startup lawyer, Shermin Lakha @ LVLUP Legal. I really do recommend her if you are starting a business or growing!

SBG engaged Realm to be their outsourced CFO and it has been a tremendous ride. We have helped with everything: pitch deck overhaul, financial projections, investor meeting prep and of course actual meetings and conference access.

Tej Bodiwala, one of the founders (the other remains in stealth mode, Let's just call him Jack T.), is a machine - the rare blend of Product guru with industry connections and really engaging personality. I don't know how he blends all 3 (or has the time to). The SBG team and I really hit it off from the get go and have built momentum ever since, culminating in a 6 figure wire hitting the bank earlier this week (after starting their raise ~10 days ago!). I went into this process telling them that it is going to take 6 months to raise and that everything shuts down the week of Thanksgiving until January. Their progress in such a short time defies my conservative outlook. I am constantly amazed at their ability to build connections with titans in the gaming industry along with partnerships at all the major Professional Leagues (NBA, MLB, NHL and eventually the NFL).

They are already on the radar and having conversations with top Hedge Funds and VCs, along with a major Wall Street firm (courtesy of an intro from my network #SalesPitch).

I have truly enjoyed the ride, and it has only begun. I celebrate each SBG win like it was my own because I am so passionate about helping founders succeed. I know they are going to change sport betting by making it more social and fun and I can't wait to see their progress.

If you want to contact them or ask about how Realm Startup Advisory can help your startup get to the next level, email me at

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