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Fridays are for the Founders

Obviously it has been a brutal week for everyone, especially small businesses and startups. This week, Realm Startup Advisory is especially focused on ALL business owners in all countries all over the world. It's times like these where every single leader bears a significant burden - that of each of his or her employees, family and friends (as well as humanity).

One special Realm client deserves particular accolades:

Inspire Human Resources

An outsourced HR firm with clients and employees across the country

Led by an outstanding woman, Jaime Klein, IHR has been out ahead of the pack, speaking about how companies needed to be prepared for whatever happened due to the Coronavirus. You may recognize her, especially in the NYC area, where she has been all over the news, discussing best practices and common sense ways to deal with this crisis.

What has impressed me about IHR is the deep, strong bench Jaime has accumulated. Everyone in the organization is knowledgeable, friendly and goes above and beyond to help and there has never been a less than outstanding experience in our dealings with them. Her husband Darren is a Partner at the firm and they work seamlessly together, which is a difficult thing for many couples.

While the client roster is a Who's Who of top Fortune 500 firms, there are a range of small and medium sized businesses that IHR services for any training, coaching or "HR as a Service" needs. Your firm could leverage the knowledge and experience of a firm that services the top tier national and international companies.

If anyone reading this has questions or would like to get in touch with IHR, please reach out to Realm Startup Advisory. We will definitely share any information to help your business get through these extraordinary times.

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