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Meet the Spiro Wave

Fridays are for the founders. This Friday is a really special one because Realm client Spiro Devices is a partnership of 3 companies that is trying to save lives by producing a low cost ventilator. The Dream Team is led by Scott Cohen, co-founder of Newlab, along with Marcel Botha at 10x Beta and Boyce Technologies which came together in mid-March just as the world was about to go into lock-down and the economy grind to a halt. What Spiro and its fantastic team members have accomplished in 1 month cannot be understated. If this were a large, bloated Fortune 500 firm, they would still be coordinating a date to have an initial meeting.

What has Spiro accomplished? Well, they took an MIT design for a low cost ventilator from 2010 and brought it back to life through tireless effort and intense focus on getting an MVP tested and in front of the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The fact that a 1 month old company was able to achieve this Herculean task with all that is going on in the world is mind blowing. They also won the Army's xTech grant and will soon have more good news. Oh and during all of that, they secured a $10M contract with the NYC Economic Development Corporation to produce 3000 ventilators for New York. Made with parts (mostly) from the USA, built by New Yorkers to help New Yorkers (and eventually people across the country and the world).

Right now, we need good news. The accomplishments of 50 or more people at multiple sites across the country is something to be proud of and hang on to. With all the terrifying news out there, know that there are people trying to make a difference and save lives. Besides the bravest doctors, healthcare workers and those in the service economy making sure your package is deliver or food is prepared, there are countless others striving to answer the call and walk the walk.

This is the most important project Realm has ever been a part of and hopefully we will continue to report on the continued progress of Spiro and how we are helping people all over the world. If you want to get involved or know of large corporate donors or foundations, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Stay safe and be kind to those around you.

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